About company G7, Inc.

Company G7, Inc. was set up in 1995. 

What we offer

The mission of company G7, Inc. is, first of all:

  • transportation, storage and sale of petroleum products
  • providing transportation, storage and other special services to other subjects.

"Fuels sold in the G7, Inc. company´s filling stations chain comply with the strictest quality requirements."


Company G7, Inc. provides transportation of fuels by means of its daughter company S4, Ltd, which is a 100 % daughter company of G7, Inc. We use modern towing vehicles with semi-trailer tanks. 9 tanks transporting fuels can be seen on Czech roads in the G7, Inc. company ´s colors. These tank containers are furnished with all the technical equipment which is needed to ensure secure transportation of fuels and minimum risk of ecological disaster. Fumes recuperation, pumps and counters are a matter of course.

The company leased storage premises for fuels with a 650,000-litre capacity which is situated in Prague and near the ZVLU and Hekra companies´ premises.

Since 2000, the company has been focusing exclusively on wholesale with fuels, running filling stations and road transport. Company G7, Inc. offers integrated services in the area of fuel supplies in the Czech Republic. High level of services, individual attitude to customers, guarantee of quality and goods origin, together with optimization of costs on logistics - these place in the company in the leading position on the list of fuel sellers.

The registered office of the company is in Litvinov, and they have an affiliate in Prague. This enables them to cover the entire territory of the Czech Republic and, at the same time, reach sales agents for personal visits of company clients. Company customers are not only private filling stations, industrial enterprises, transport companies and farmers, but also state organizations.

Company G7, Inc. obtained the ISO 9001 certificate, and hence rightfully became a purely Czech healthy and dynamically expanding company which meets the strictest quality requirements.

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